A felony

Old Bailey transcripts: 18th September 1802 Reference Number          t18020918-15

  1. JAMES KENT and JOSEPH SAVILLE were indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 10th of August, a pocket-book, value 5s. a silver knife, value 5s. a silver pencil-case, value 6d. a silver bodkin, value 6d. and a petticoat, value 5s. the property of Thomas Holbrooke.

ELIZABETH HOLBROOKE sworn. – I lost a pocket-book from the back parlour, where I was sitting at work, on the 10th of August, about one o’clock, in Pratt-street, Camden-town; I went down stairs, leaving the window open, and staid about an hour, the things were on the table; I was informed I had been robbed, and saw the prisoners in custody.

MARY BASS sworn. – I live very near Mr. Holbroke’s; on the 10th of August, about half-past eleven, I saw the prisoners, and another with them, in a field, opposite our house, they went towards Mr. Holbrooke’s; I saw Saville make several attempts to get upon a wall, the others were watching, and upon a signal, by whistling, he withdrew, but at last he got up, about nine feet, and sprung from the wall to the parlour window, about two feet; I went and got assistance, and when we went up to them, Saville was pulling from his dress different things, and giving them to the others; I told them I had seen them steal the things, upon which Saville made use of bad language, and said, “me, ma’am,” I said, yes; then he pulled his shoes off, left them behind, and ran away, and Kent after him; there were a number of people about; they ran twenty yards and got into a field, and made away for Kentish-town; they were taken and brought back; I am sure they are the men.

JOSEPH BARNES sworn. – I was returning from Hampstead on horseback on the 10th of August, and heard the cry of stop thief; I saw Saville alone, running in the field from Camden-town to Kentish-town; I said, what have you been thieving of? he said, nothing; he run till he came to water, which he jumped into, then he got out again, and run across the field, where he was taken; I returned to the water, thinking he had put into it what he had stolen; there was something floating on the water, and on poking my whip into the water, up came the pocket-book, and a memorandum-book.

JOHN WESTBROKE sworn. – I am a constable, (produces the book, which was identified by Mr. Holbroke.)

Kent’s defence. I was bathing in a pond, the prisoner Saville was there; we put on our cloaths, and another boy said he would go with us home, we met the lady, who said I had robbed the house, but I am innocent.

Saville’s defence. I have nothing to say.

Kent, GUILTY , aged 18; Saville, GUILTY , aged 15. Transported for seven years .

First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Justice Le Blanc.

[Thomas Holbrook was son of Richard Holbrook, builders of the houses at Greenland Place near the Mother Red Caps Inn.]